Prepaid Credit Card Balance is a utility to quickly get balances for a variety of prepaid cards. An array of Visa, MasterCard and American Express are supported, and more will be supported in the future – with your help. The premise is that for most cards, there is a corresponding website where the balance can be looked up. The app will have the card #, PIN, CVV and other information readily available so it can be copied and pasted in. Once the balance is retrieved, you’d push the button to update the balance and your data is recorded.

Please note that the application only stores data locally. There is never any card data communicated between you and our systems – you only communicate that with the card distributor.

Also, there are hundreds of prepaid cards that are issued through merchants – normally resulting from rebates. We’ve provided templates for more popular ones (Vanilla Visa and some others), but if your card isn’t listed – you’ll have to put in the lookup data yourself.